Why Can’t I Have a Robo as My First Hamster?

I am not saying that you cannot have a roborovski as your first hamster, but I strongly do not recommend it. Here are the reasons why.

Have you ever wondered why the smaller the hamster, the harder they are to tame and the less I recommend them for beginners? This is because smaller animals have the disadvantage in the wild. The smaller an animal is, the easier it is for predators to get to them because they are not big enough to fight back very well. Because of this, hamsters need to have sharp instincts and amazing survival skills just so that they can survive, and anything big and new is a threat.

Robo hamsters are tiny hamsters. Therefore, they are very skittish compared to the Syrian which can be tamed quite easily. In many instances robos can not be tamed at all because they do not understand that you mean well. It takes time and experience to know how to deal with this because everyone hates being rejected – even if it is a by a hamster.

Still, experienced hamster owners know how to cope with this. They may have been bitten by a previous hamster or they have discovered their own ways to deal with skittish hamsters so that when they are placed in a depressing situation with their hamster they know how to get out of it.

Your first hamster should be a hamster that you love and one that loves you back. As you get more experience you discover what qualities you want in a hamster. If you start off not wanting to hold your hamster, you may soon want to, and having that option is a must have with new hamster owners because it teaches you the things that you like and that you do not like.


Thanks for reading! For more information on roborovski hamsters check out the robo page HERE.  :mrgreen:

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