What Cage Should I get for My Hamster?

A great thing about getting a hamster is that you can also pick its home and make it as fun and cute as you want, but when choosing a cage you have to be aware of how enjoyable it is for your hamster too. After all, they are the ones living in it! In this article, I will tell you about many of the different hamster cages, some tips for buying hamster cages, and the cages you should not buy.

You want your hamster cage to be big. The bigger the cage the better, because it gives your hamster more freedom. If you don’t have a very big space in your house for your hamster, just make sure that your cage is as big or bigger than these measurements: 360 square inches in North America, 589 square inches in Europe and the UK (Not including Germany), and if you live in Germany your cage minimum is 741 square inches. 🙂 Please note that levels do not count as extra square inches!

Here is a huge piece of advice: DO NOT BUY A CAGE FROM YOUR LOCAL PET STORE!

Cages in pet stores are often too small or uncomfortable for your hamster. They are generally overpriced, and there are many better ways to make a good home for your hamster.

Some of the pet store cages will look like this:

These cages are not suitable for your hamster! Don’t get me wrong, they are beautiful looking cages, but though they are appealing to the human eye they are squished and awful for hamsters. These cages are also around 60-90 dollars, which is a lot of money to spend on a little cage.
Other pet store cages will look like this:
These are also way too small, overpriced and uncomfortable for your hamster.
So, if you can’t buy hamster cages from the pet store, what are you going to do?
I suggest making your own! It is easy and this way you can create your cage to look exactly like you want it. It will be exactly as big as you like.
You can get cages that look like this:
This cage is known as the IKEA detolf that can easily be flipped around and turned into a hamster cage.
Or like this:
This is an IKEA Lack Table DIY cage that you can easily turn into a great cage for your hamster!
One of the most popular hamster cages and the one that I use right now is this one:
These cages, known as bin cages are fun and easy to make. You can decorate them to look just like you want. They come in all sizes and it is easy to cut off the side and replace it with mesh. These are great for starter cages.
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