What to do with hamster when you’re going on vacation?

Hey guys, Blaire here!

So recently I was on a 30 day vacation and I of course missed Blob like crazy, but I knew that Blob was safe and well cared my my beloved friend, Iris of course. So here are few tips that will help when you go on a vacation as long as mine!

Tip #1:

Make sure you know that your hamster-sitter is well experienced or trained or at least know how to clean your hamsters cage, refill her water-bottle and food, play and entertain your hamster in a safe way and most of all make sure they are mature and responsible so that they won’t go around losing your cutie-pie everywhere!


Make sure you inform your hamster-sitter about anything that will make your hamster depressed or even angry as we don’t want your friend or family getting any injuries. For example when I don’t visit blob for a few days in a row, blob will hide in her tubes and it takes at least 30 minutes to get her out and by that time not even food works well except peanuts as she is addicted and obsessed over them.


One of the last ones, I beg you please, when you drive or go in any transportation with your hamster please DO NOT put your hamster in her normal cage. Use a smaller cage and if you hamster is a l’l sensitive like Blob and hat being tossed around you should hold her in you hands but be careful and never lose your hamster in the car as there are a lot of sharp metal that could hurt and injure them!

Fun Tip#4

Since Blob’s “Hamster-sitter” is my best friend, Iris, I was able to face-time her and see blob almost every third or forth day. This is a pretty fun and helpful tip as I was able to see my l’l blob and my best friend at the same time!!

Hope you found these tips helpful!

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