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Some people are looking for a furry friend to spend an hour every day with and spend their nights searching through welcome home (insert hamster name here) videos, but most are just looking for a pet to hang out with once in a while. And that is absolutely okay. You might be a busy person with not a lot of time to spend with your hamster, or your friend might have dropped their hamster off with you for a month or two. But hey, don’t panic! Here you will find the basics of hamster care – basically everything that your hamster will need you to do so that they can survive.

If you are looking for a complete description of proper hamster care, check out this page: Your Hamster 101

First of all, make sure your hamster is in a fairly large cage. It is considered animal cruelty in the US to keep your hamster in a cage any less than 360 square inches. Fill your hamster cage with toys. This should include:

  • Chews
  • A wheel
  • A water bottle/bowl
  • A food bowl
  • Bedding (Aspen or paper bedding only)

For food, ask your pet shop owner what food they are feeding your hamster already. Oxbow essentials hamster food is a fairly inexpensive and nutritious food to feed your hamster, and is usually sold in pet stores. Feeding your hamster is simple. Just fill up its food bowl and when your hamster has finished, fill it up again. As for water, change your hamster’s water every 2-3 days.

Oxbow Healthy Handfuls

Here are a few quick tips that are very important if you are buying two or more hamsters.

    • If you are buying 2 hamsters, know that you can buy 2 dwarfs or 2 robos, but you can not buy 2 syrians. They will hurt or even kill each other if put in the same cage. This will also happen if you put two hamsters of different breeds together. Also, do not put a girl and boy hamster together unless you want a few more little hamster running around.  😉

Here are some products you SHOULD NOT buy:

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For more information on products that you should not buy, check out ChocolateColors26’s video below. —>

Thanks for reading! Good luck with your new hamster!  😆

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