What is a Dwarf?

The Winter White and Russian Campbell’s Dwarf are the second smallest species of hamster. They are speedy, agile, and great for experienced hamster owners!


Physical Info

The average dwarf hamster will live from 1 1/2-3 years. They are about 3 inches long, which makes them small and tricky to handle. Dwarfs are nocturnal.

In pet stores dwarf hamsters are usually known as ‘Russian Dwarfs’. Keep in mind that though pet stores may claim to have pure Campbell’s or Winter Whites, most of them are Hybrids


Hybrid Dwarfs are a mix of Winter White and Campbell’s Dwarf. They do not naturally breed, and Hybrids have only been created when humans have experimented with hamster breeding. Dwarfs are the only hamster species that can interbreed. Syrians, Chinese and Robos can not interbreed.

Hybrids can have Winter White or Campbell’s dwarf coloring and some can even turn completely white in the winter like pure Winter Whites.

Campbell’s and Winter White dwarf coloring’s:

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Wild / Normal / Agouti

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Black-Eyed Argente

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Blue Fawn

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Lilac Fawn

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Blue Beige

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Dark Beige

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Red-Eyed Lilac

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Black-Eyed Lilac

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Campbell’s Dwarf and Winter Whites-Similarities and Differences


 Pros and Cons of Getting a Dwarf Hamster


    • Many beautiful patterns and colors
    • Entertaining and active
    • Are awake for short periods of time in the day
    • When tamed develop a strong bond with owner
    •  Huge personalities


    • Not great hamsters for beginners or children
    • Hard to handle
    • Hard to catch if lost
    • Can take up to a year to tame
    • Can be aggressive

Thank you for reading this page on hamster101.com. Remember, if this is your first time getting a hamster, make sure to check out my other pages on the other species of domestic hamster before you make your final decision on what hamster to get. Good luck! -Iris

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