What Do You Need in a Hamster Cage?

Though hamsters themselves may be inexpensive, their cages require time, effort and money. To make a safe, fun and stress free environment for your hamster, there are a few things that you need to put in your hamster’s cage.

    1. Make sure that your cage is 360 square inches if you live in the U.S, or 589 square inches if you live in most of Europe (Germany not included).


2. Get a wheel! Wheels are important because they help your hamster to exercise like they do in the wild. Unfortunately, cages do not have enough space for your hamster to run around in unless you have a cage that stretches out for 90 miles.


3. Make sure that you have toys! Hamsters need many toys to play with and climb on for entertainment, it will help them exercise and it will also prevent boredom.


4. Get a food bowl and a water bottle! Food bowls are optional as you can scatter feed, and water bottles can be replaced with water bowls, but I definitely recommend food bowls and water bottles.


5. Add a sand bath! Sand baths will help your hamster stay clean! (Click HERE for more info on sand baths)


6. Put in some hideouts! Hideouts are little hidey houses for your hamster to sleep and hide in. Your hamster can also hide in these houses if they feel threatened or scared.


7. Bring some chews into your hamsters cage! Chews are important because they grind your hamster’s teeth down. Cheesy chews and flavored wood chews are tasty solutions for your hamster.


And that’s it!

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3 thoughts on “What Do You Need in a Hamster Cage?

  1. Hamster Tubes says:

    I’m having trouble finding a very good water bottle for my campbell dwarf. I’ve tried three so far (two of the generic brands) and the one that’s in her cage right now is the Oasis. It’s working quite well, with no dripping, and I see small bubbles appear when she drinks so it’s obvious she’s getting water. But I don’t see obvious signs of water disappearing in the bottle, which worries me a bit. Could you do a video (if you haven’t already) on hamster hydration? It would help massively!

    • 101hamster says:

      Of course! If you want a quick answer on this topic, the water is not disappearing very quickly because hamsters do not drink much water. Since hamsters are so small, they do not consume much water. In fact, they consume so little it looks like they aren’t drinking at all. There isn’t much more to it! Thanks for your question, I hope this helped. 🙂

  2. Hamster Tubes says:

    No matter what hamster species your getting it requires a cage of 360sq inches or larger if you like in the US or Canada if you live in curtain parts of Europe you will need an even larger cage. Any design of a critter trail does not meet the minimum requirements for a hamster if you really like the way a critter trail look you have to have 4+ critter trails connected. If you already own one I suggest you get a bigger cage and attach it to your critter trail. Good cages would be 105qts or more bins or 20 gallons or more aquariums booth are equivalent for 360sq inches. A bin cage would be extremely easy to connect to cages so I suggest that as an add on.

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