Can Hamsters Live and Breed Together?

Can Hamsters Breed Together?


As you probably know, there are five different species of domestic hamster. Note that I said species and not breeds. This is because different species of hamsters can NOT interbreed, and also why there are only five species of domestic hamster.

However, there are two species of hamster that can interbreed. These species are the Winter White Dwarf hamster and the Campbell’s Russian Dwarf hamster.

Because they are both dwarfs and are very similar, they can breed together. They create Hybrid Dwarfs, which is a mix of Winter White and Campbell’s Russian.

Most dwarf hamsters found in pet stores are hybrids, no matter what category they are put in.

It is important to remember that when buying a dwarf hamster from a pet store, you should never feed it anything sweet. This includes honey, fruit, etc. (Click HERE for more info on what dwarfs can eat.)

Can Hamsters Live Together?


Syrians are solitary hamsters. They can live together when they are very young, but as they grow older and leave the nest, they start to become very territorial, and see other hamsters as a threat. This is why pet stores have most Syrian hamsters together when they are young, but advice you to not put two of them together.


Chinese are like the Syrian when it comes to other hamsters. Other hamsters are a threat to their shelter, food, water and territory. Like Syrians, when put with another hamster they will most likely harm each other which could cause serious injuries or even death.


Dwarfs are social hamsters. They can live with brothers or sisters in their litter.


Roborovski’s are also social hamsters. Many hamster owners including myself recommend getting two or more Robos because they are very fun to watch as they play together.


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