How to Keep Your Hamster’s Claws Trimmed

Like their teeth, hamster’s claws don’t stop growing. Unfortunately, hamsters do not have nail clippers, and clipping your hamster’s nails can be quite stressful on both you and your pet. Here are a few ways to keep your hamster’s claws trimmed.

    1. Place some stones in your hamster’s cage. Whenever he/she tries to climb onto them, the stone will grind their nails down.


2. Place a stone under your hamster’s water bottle. This way, every time your hamster takes a drink, it will wear its claws down.


3. Add a sand bath! As your hamster digs in the sand, its nails will wear down.


4. Raw wood toys are great too! As your hamster climbs on them, its nails will grind down.


5. Poke a small hole into a walnut to encourage your hamster to get the treat inside. As he/she scratches at the walnut, her claws will wear away.


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