How to tame your Hamster

How to Tame Your Hamster
Works for all 5 species of domestic hamster

Step 1-Getting Your Hamster Used to it’s Surroundings
Rustle your hands around in your hamster’s bedding and get them used to having your hands in their cage. Make sure to not show any fear towards them because they will sense this and their trust in you will not grow.

Step 2-Treat Feeding Part 1
After your hamster has settled in, you can start feeding him treats. I recommend taking your hamster into a play pen or bath tub while doing this, as well as feeding the treats in your hamster’s cage. To transport your hamster from their cage to a play pen, place a cup into the cage and let them crawl in. Then, let them walk into the play pen. Make sure to not force them out of the cup, let them take their time.

Place a small treat between your thumb and pointer finger, and lower your hand to the ground, so that it is level with your hamster’s mouth. If your hamster is interested, he will walk up to your hand and take the treat.

If not, do not punish your hamster or force the treat into your hamster’s mouth. This will only irritate your hamster and make it harder to tame them. Practice this a few times with your hamster’s favorite treat. Remember, this could take from a day to a few weeks to master, so be patient. Your hamster will master this step when he takes the treat with no hesitation or fear.

Step 2

 Step 3- Treat Feeding Part 2
Place a few small treats on the palm of your hand and place it in front of your hamster. He will most likely take the treat and find a comfortable place to eat it in.

After you practice this quite a few times with your hamster, he should start to take the treat more confidently, and will soon be comfortable with sitting on your hand while he eats the treat. When he is able to sit on your hand and eat, it is time to move on to step 4.

Step 3

Step 4- Handling
Lay a blanket and a few pillows down on top of a bathtub, play pen, or empty room with no cracks for your hamster to disappear into. This is so that if they fall they will not hurt them self.

Next, take your hamster into this space and sit down in it with him. You are now going to practice handling your hamster.

Let your hamster get used to your scent by letting him climb over your legs and feeding him treats. When you are both confident and comfortable with each other, place a couple treats on your hand and wait for your hamster to sit on it.

Then, slowly lift your hamster until he is level with your stomach. Let your hamster relax on your hand and then let your hamster walk from one hand to the other. After you have done this a few times, gently place your hamster down.

Repeat this a few times every day, and you should develop a strong bond with your hamster.

Step 4

Congrats! Your hamster is now tame! Remember to make some time everyday to play with your hamster to maintain a healthy relationship! Good luck! -Iris

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