How to Keep Hamsters Warm in the Winter

Hamsters can get very cold in the winter, and if they get too cold, they can go into TORPOR. This is why it is so important to keep your hamster warm in the winter.

This subject shouldn’t be taken lightly, as if a hamster goes into torpor, there is a chance that her or she may never wake up.

Here are a few ways to help keep your hamster, warm, cozy and healthy in the winter season.

    1. Take an empty water bottle and fill it up with warm (not boiling) water. Place it under your hamster’s bedding, and if your hamster gets cold, he/she can sleep next to it to warm himself up.
    2. Make sure to open up all of the curtains and blinds in the room to let the sun in.
    3. Add lots of bedding into your hamster’s cage. If your hamster gets cold, he/she can crawl under the bedding and make a warm and cozy nest.
    4. Snuggle pouches, hidey houses and other hideaways are great alternatives to keeping your hamster warm.
    5. Feed your hamster warm treats! This will warm up your hamster from the inside out!

And there you go! There are five great ways to warm your hamster up in the winter. Also, make sure to check out these links on other owner’s opinions on how to keep your hamster warm in the winter:


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