How to Keep Hamsters Cool in the Summer

As humans, we all know that being too hot is not a very good feeling. It’s the same for hamsters! Here are a few ways to get rid of that feeling, and make summer a comfortable environment for your pet!

The first thing that you need is a cool room. Try to find an air conditioned room away from the burning heat! Keeping the room cool will keep your hamster cool. In both ways, of course!

Place a could mug or a half frozen water bottle in your hamster’s cage. If your hamster is a big chewer, don’t give him a water bottle!

Place a tile or large rock in your hamster’s cage. When they lie on this it will cool them down.

Try adding ice cubes to your hamsters water bottle to help them cool down from the inside out.

Add a fresh sand bath into your hamster’s cage. Sand stays cool for a long time, and hamsters love to roll around in them anyway!

Next you might want to give your hamster some cold treats! Click HERE for some fun summer treat ideas!

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