How to Give Your Hamster a Bath

One thing about hamsters that people often have questions about is “Do hamsters take baths?” and “If so, how do I bathe my hamster?”


The answer to the first question is NO. Hamsters, like cats, hate water. Remember that hamsters are designed to live in deserts, where there is little to no water. Don’t get me wrong, hamsters are great swimmers, but they will only put their swimming skills to use when a predator is chasing them. Because of this, hamsters associate swimming with danger and stress, and stress in hamsters can lead to one of the deadliest hamster diseases of all, WET TAIL.

This leads us to the second question, “If I can’t keep my hamster clean by using water, how do I clean my hamster?”

The answer to this question is quite simple: Use a sand bath! A sand bath is exactly what it sounds like: It is a bath made out of sand! 

How to Make a Sand Bath

To make a sand bath, here is what you will need:

    • A card board box
    • Sand! (From your local children’s shop. Please make sure that your hamster’s sand bath is clean)

Now, all you have to do is pour your sand into the cardboard box and voila! You have your sand bath. Place it in your hamster’s cage and watch as she/he rolls around in it. This is a great, safe and effective way to keep your hamster clean, and your hamster will love it too! So please, put your ‘hamster soap’ away, and switch to a safer environment for your hamster.


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