How to Catch an Escaped Hamster

There are quite a few ways to catch an escaped hamster, but these are a couple of the most effective ones.

  1. The Bucket Method

Take a high bucket and stuff a blanket inside of it. Also put food and cucumbers inside it.

Next, take a pile of books and make a staircase from the ground to the edge of the bucket. Sprinkle the ‘stairs’ with your hamsters favorite treat.

Poke a hole in the top and the bottom of a bottle. Stick a chopstick through the holes. Cover the bottle in peanut butter and place it on the top of the bucket.

Your hamster should smell the food and climb up the stairs to get the treats. Then he will smell the peanut butter and make a jump for it. When he misses, he will fall into the bucket.


2. The Peanut Butter Method

Walk into each room and sit in the middle of the floor for 5 minutes. you should be able to hear your hamster scuttling around.

If your hamster is in that room, close the door and place a bowl of peanut butter in the middle of the room.

Flip the bowl onto its side (the peanut butter wont fall out) and sit right behind it.

Your hamster should smell the peanut butter and will run into the bowl and eat. Take your hand and flip the bowl right side up again. Your hamster should be caught in the bowl, unable to escape.


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