Hello World!


Hi everybody, my name is Blaire Kedson, along with Iris I am also a hamster enthusiast. Iris invited me to write blogs with her on this website and I accepted this amazing offer! I like to keep things funny and cool, so it makes me not very professional at writing. I have a Long hair Syrian named Blob. If you were thinking this hamster must be very chubby and fat to be named blob, then congrats you’re psychic! Blob is turning 1 on May 13, so we expect a gift from everyone (I’m just kidding). Along with Blob, I also have a pony named Buddy who is currently staying at my aunt’s barn. So I have quite a bit of experience taking care of animals!

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 8.27.24 PM

Blob says hi ^-^

Enjoy! XOXO

— Blare

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