How to Make DIY Hamster Chews

Why spend so much money at pet stores on flavored hamster chews when you can make your own! These chews have always been popular with my hamsters and are so great for gnawing down your hamster’s teeth. Here is how you make them:

You can use pet store chews with no flavor for this or if you are using wood blocks that you are 100% sure are safe for hamsters, you can use that as well. Unless your chews are from the pet store, soak them in water whilst you chop the fruit.


Step 1: Pick 2-3 fruits and chop them up until they are very fine.


Step 2: Throw the pieces of fruit into a pot and fill the pot with water.IMG_20160309_145051IMG_20160309_145218

Step 3: Take a spoon or masher and and mash the fruit so that the juice mixes with the water.


Step 4: When everything has been mashed up, take your strainer and remove any chunks of fruit.


Step 5: Place the pot onto the stove and let it sit on medium for 3-5 minutes. The water should not be boiling, but it should be hot.


Step 6: Place the chews into the mix and let them sit for 15-20 minutes.


Now, your chews are complete… almost. To make your chews even more fun, try the techniques below.

How to make: Hamster Treat Chews

This is probably my favorite technique. It makes sure that the chews look great and taste amazing to your hamster.

Step 1: Gather your ingredients. You can choose any hamster treat. You will also need pet safe hamster glue. (Click HERE for how to make pet safe hamster glue.)


Step 2: Smear the top of your chew with pet safe hamster glue.


Step 3: Add your toppings! You can make them in any design or pattern. Here is how mine turned out:


The first one (from left to right) is millet with a red corn X. The next is hamster food with a drizzle of melted peanut butter, and the last is gerber puffs dipped in peanut butter. Yum!

How to make: Colored Chews!

Have you ever wanted to design your own hamster chew? Well, now you can. Follow these easy steps to design your chews in fun colors while making sure that your hamster does not get sick.

Step 1: Make sure that you have the right ingredients. The only markers that you can use for this are markers that say nontoxic on the package. Most kids markers are nontoxic because if young children eat the marker, they will not get very sick. If you don’t know if a marker is toxic or not, don’t risk harming your pet.


Step 2: Design your hamster chew! Here are the ones that I made:


From top to bottom I have a color blur, blue and pink hearts, a drawing of midnight at the park (it’s hard to see) and vines with roses.

My hamsters love these chews and I hope your will too. Thanks for reading!

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