How to Make a Hamster Trail Mix

Filled with variety and straight up deliciousness, you will be jealous of your hamster when you make this treat! 🙂  (Tip: If you are keeping your trail mix for more than a day, I suggest skipping the first step.)

        1. Chop up a non-messy vegetable/ fruit of your choice into tiny pieces. (Hamsters prefer small food pieces instead of large ones because they are easier to stuff in their cheeks, even though chewing on large pieces can be good for their teeth.)


2. Next, take a handful of your hamster’s normal food mix and take out the large pieces, leaving only the small seeds. If you have a hamster mix with only large kibbles, try chopping them up into smaller pieces.


3. Next, take a cob of hamster corn treat and shave off some the seeds. Place some of these in your mix.


4. Take a stick of millet, and taking off two bushels, shave the seeds into your mix.


5. Take some oats and sunflower seeds with no shell and add them to your mix.


6. Take 2 Gerber graduate puffs and crumble them up, adding them to the trail mix.


7. Take half of a peanut and crumble it into the mix.


8. Now, SHAKE!

And your trail mix is complete!
This treat has Pikatchu approval! Look at those cheeks! 😆
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