I was not happy with the results of my last Blob photo shoot so I decided to take some more photos and was much happier with how it turned out. Enjoy!

IMG_20160311_130345IMG_20160311_130123IMG_20160311_125954IMG_20160311_125844IMG_20160311_125806IMG_20160311_125720IMG_20160311_125638IMG_20160311_125531IMG_20160311_125444IMG_20160311_125257IMG_20160311_125201IMG_20160311_125020IMG_20160311_124753IMG_20160311_124500IMG_20160311_124300IMG_20160311_124158IMG_20160311_124038IMG_20160311_121825IMG_20160311_120924IMG_20160311_120841DSC_0495DSC_0481DSC_0479DSC_0474DSC_0464DSC_04533-10-2016 3-36-09 PM

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