All About Hamster Hibernation (Torpor)

Torpor is a state that hamsters can go into if they are too cold in the winter.

When a hamster goes into hibernation, its body goes completely still, its breathing slows and it is very hard to figure out if it is alive or not.

Owners must be careful about the temperature in their hamster’s room, because if it drops below 40 degrees Fahrenheit their hamster could slip into hibernation.


Torpor is a very stressful time for both your hamster and you. This article will help you prevent torpor, and if your hamster is already in torpor, it will help you bring your hamster back to consciousness.

First I will start with how to prevent torpor.

The easiest way to keep your hamster from going into torpor is by keeping them warm. You can do this by heating up the room which they live in.

You can also feed them warm treats and give them lots of bedding to keep them warm.

Filling up a water bottle with hot (not boiling) water and placing it in your hamsters cage is a great idea. Your hamster will curl up next to it if it is cold, and have a cozy place to sleep.

If your hamster is already in torpor, here is what you should do.

1. Take your hamster out of its cage and place it in a warm area of your house.

2.  Place a warm (not boiling) bottle of water next to your hamster.

3. Make some warm treats and heat up your hamster’s room (or the room your hamster’s cage is in).

4. Warm up your hands and cuddle your hamster to your chest. This motion will share your body heat with your hamster, and warm it up faster.

Next, all you have to do is wait, and your hamster should awaken slowly and sleepily. Once your hamster has woken up, feed it some warm treats.

Once your hamster is warmed up, check the temperature of your now heated hamster room and let your hamster sleep.

Your hamster should now be healthy, warm and energetic again!


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