All About Hamster Bedding

There are a handful of things that you must get for your hamster to ensure that they have a happy, healthy life, and bedding is one of them.


Bedding is a shredded material in which your hamster can burrow, play and sleep.
Bedding comes in many different materials. On this page I will tell you all about the bedding’s that are good for your hamster, and the ones that are extremely dangerous.

First I will start with the good bedding’s. These are great, safe bedding’s for your hamster, no matter what species.

Paper Based Bedding
Paper based bedding is made up of softened, ink free bedding that is amazingly soft and warm for your hamster. It makes great nesting material, and comes in many different colors that can be great for colorful or themed cages.

Paper bedding does not have very good odor control though, and it is very hard to spot clean your hamster’s cage with colored bedding inside of it.


Aspen Bedding

Aspen is made up of shredded dust free wood. It is a great bedding for the Summer because it is a cooler bedding.

Aspen has great odor control and is an awesome color for natural themed cages. However, it is not very warm in the Winter time, so it is better used when it is warm outside.


Here are some of the bedding’s that you should NOT get for your hamster. These bedding’s are uncomfortable, dangerous and life threatening for your hamster.

Pine or Cedar Bedding

Pine and Cedar bedding is a bedding that looks a lot like Aspen. Unlike Aspen, it has many dust particles in it, which can cause respiratory problems because of your hamsters tiny lungs.

It can also affect you as the owner, because if your hamster’s cage is in your room, breathing in these particles is not good for your lungs either.


Cotton Bedding

Cotton bedding is made with shredded cotton puffs that are said to make good nesting material for your hamster. Keep in mind that this is an extremely bad bedding for your hamster.

If it is consumed, the cotton does not dissolve in your hamsters stomach, like aspen or paper based bedding which is digestible. This can cause large problems in your hamster’s digestive system.

Cotton can also wrap around your hamster’s limbs, cutting of circulation. Cotton bedding has killed many hamsters in the past, and threatened the lives of many more.


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