Hello and welcome to hamster101.com, a website that will help your hamster knowledge grow!

My name is Iris Sicreas and I am a hamster enthusiast and have made this website to help strengthen my passion, grow my knowledge, and help you guys out! I currently have a winter white – hybrid dwarf hamster named Pikatchu and a labrador named Max.

Here you will find hamster care tips, easy DIY toys and treats, all about getting your first hamster and much more! This is a great website for both beginners and experienced hamster owners, with many tips and tricks to help make a healthy, safe and fun environment for your hamster!

Feel free to email me at hellohamster101@gmail.com and I will answer any questions you may have.
Follow me on Twitter and Instagram: @hellohamster101 😆

Go ahead! Open up any category, and enter the world of hamster 101.

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