5 Awesome Hamster Jobs!

So, the other day my friends and I were talking about what we wanted to be in the future. Of course we all had aspirations: interior designers, surgeons, visual designers for Google, etc.

I had my own ideas for the future as well, such as becoming a spy in counterintelligence (that would be pretty funny, being a spy and owning a hamster website), but one of my biggest ideas was to have a job that included hamsters.

So, I did some research. These are the coolest jobs I found that you can have that include hamsters!


Hamster sitting is a super fun and easy way to make money and hang out with lots of hamsters! I also like this idea because you don’t have to be an adult to have this job.

This idea is pretty straightforward. Put up an ad on Craigslist or Kijiji, and tell people that if they are going on vacation, you will look after their hamster for $5 per day. Of course you can add your own specific requirements.

If you choose to try hamster sitting, make sure that you listen carefully to the needs of the hamster you are taking care of. Each hamster is different, and it is important to ask their owner if there is anything specific you need to do for them whilst they are under your watch!

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Hamster YouTuber

It is hard to get famous as a hamster YouTuber, especially since there are not too many people who are crazy about hamsters. Still, I know from experience that this is a crazy fun activity, and I have made so many amazing friends on YouTube who love hamsters as well.

If you want to check it out, my YouTube channel is Hamster101

One of the most famous hamster YouTubers is HoppingHammy who is loved because of her fun and joyful personality that is sure to make you smile. If you need inspiration, I definitely recommend checking out her channel. Also, if you want to see a channel that is growing bigger and getting better everyday, a true inspiration is Animal Lover 26 so subscribe to her channel as well!

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Create a Hamster Website


Only a few months ago, I decided to create a hamster website because of my love for hamsters and writing, and I now have a place to express my ideas, thoughts and experiences with a community of people who are interested in the things that I am interested in.


I definitely recommend this because you never know how far you can go when you make a website. As long as you are consistent and love what you’re doing, you really can’t go wrong!


Become a Hamster Photographer


Taking pictures of something you are passionate can go a long way. I love taking pictures of hamsters because it is fun to have a picture of your pet that you can cherish forever. If I could upload every blog post in photo shoots, I probably would!


If you need inspiration, here are some of my favorite pictures of my hamster(s)!

IMG_20160315_123735 IMG_20160315_123454 IMG_20160315_123321

Stand Up For Hamster Abuse!


Many people don’t know it, but hamsters are used for scientific experiments all of the time because hamsters get many of the same diseases as humans. When it comes to medical testing and finding cures to harsh diseases that could save millions of lives, this may be something that is necessary. But hurting animals for the sake of making cosmetics, soaps, beauty products etc. is just not right.


There are also many people who think of hamsters as toys or objects that they can abuse, which is so awful. Though there are people who find these hamsters and help them such as @the_pipsqueakery on Instagram, spreading awareness of this issue is something that all hamster lovers should fight for.

So, how can you help?


The pipsqueakery is a huge inspiration for this. They take in abused hamsters and have a social media that talks about hamster abuse prevention. Starting a fundraiser and taking in abused hamsters can not only make an impact on the hamsters you care for, but others may be inspired to do the same.


If you are a kid, there are still ways for you to help without sneaking hamsters into your room. (Let’s be real here, most parents aren’t too keen of 20 hamsters piled into your room). You may have heard of something called TedxKids. This is an organization, much like Ted talks, that allows kids to speak their minds to a crown of people. Speaking to people about things like hamster abuse can inspire others to create awareness for the subject.


Check out TedxKids here:


So these are all of my ideas for hamster jobs that you can actually have. 🙂

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