Why Everyone Needs a Hamster

Are you sure that you can handle a hamster? Why are they so great anyway? These are questions that many people ask themselves when thinking about getting a hamster. Yes, they are cute and all, but isn’t there more to them than just that? In this post, I am going to tell you exactly why getting a hamster is worth it, and why everyone needs a hamster.  😉

We own hamsters for their happy ways, and their gorgeous smiles that brighten our days.


Yes, we want to hold them tight every time we meet their eyes, those moments with just knowing gazes.


But hamsters are much more than their adorable faces.


We love hamsters because they are loyal, kind.


A kind of love that is out of our minds because owning an animal that fits perfectly in your hand it is quite grand.


And I know that I sound quite obsessed but when I wake my hamster from it’s nest…


I know that I am #blessed and I cannot stress how happy I am to have my hamster as my little guest.


I hope that you enjoyed that little poem! If you are debating whether to get a hamster or not give it a shot because these creatures are amazing inside and out. Good luck! :mrgreen:  -Iris