10 Hamster Don’ts that Hamster-Lovers Will Cringe at

  • Little Kids and Clueless Parents

People mature at different ages, but younger children’s brains usually haven’t developed fully yet. Therefore, common sense isn’t a big part of their life. Introducing a living creature to a young child may hurt both the hamster and the child, especially if the parent knows nothing about hamsters.

  • Crittertrail Cages

Crittertrail is a product of hamster cage. It is a terribly small cage, and it has a reputation to be funky, colorful and fun for humans, but tight and torturous for hamsters. Some Crittertrail products such as the Crittertrail tubes and the Off 2 School Bus are great hamster confections, but Crittertrail cages should not be considered as a hamster cage.

  • Choosing Random Food Brands

Hamster food is a very important part of shopping for your hamster. Not all hamster brands have enough protein, vitamins, etc. I recommend Hazel hamster for the US or Canada and Harry Hamster for UK.

  • Treating your Hamster like a Toy

Hamsters are not toys! They are living creatures, and can feel scared, threatened or vicious. Hamsters will not do whatever you want them to do. Before you get a hamster, you must think about the worst possible hamster you could get, and be willing to take that hamster. Not every hamster is tame, and fine with you petting its back or tapping its nose (don’t try that). Make sure that you are ready for a hamster. Use your common sense! If you don’t think that you are ready to take care of a living thing, give yourself a year or two, and check again.

  • Cedar, Pine or Cotton Bedding

Cedar, pine or cotton bedding can result in your hamster’s loss of circulation, respiratory problems and damage in the digestive system.

  • Red Eyes are Weird, Scary, Gross, etc.

I’m not saying that all owners like red eyes and take offense from people who hate them, but saying a hamster with red eyes is weird can be offensive to people who have red eyed hamsters. Saying that anyone’s pet is scary will probably hurt their feelings, so if you don’t like red eyes keep that to yourself! To learn more about red eyed hamsters, click HERE.

  • Play and Forget

Many people buy a hamster and decide they are not as exciting as many other things in their lives, or they realize that a hamster is not the right pet for them. Many of these people play and forget their hamsters. This happens a lot with young children who play with their hamsters for about a month and then forget about them. Remember, if you don’t have much time or energy for your hamster, give them to somebody who will take care of them better. Your hamster is your responsibility which means that you have to feed your hamster every day. Don’t be cruel to your pet!

  • So Cute! I Want One!

Many people judge hamsters on their cuteness. They buy hamsters for their children or for themselves thinking that they are just cute fluffy toys. Hamsters are alive! They have personalities, hungry stomachs and delicate body structures! Squeezing your hamster because he or she is so cute is going to make them stressed and agitated. If you were a hamster, would you want your owner to squeeze you until you couldn’t breathe?

  • Ew! Rodents!

Many people view hamsters as disease bearing, dirty animals, which is not true! Hamsters are very clean, especially if you clean their cage properly. You may see your hamster once in a while doing this:

hamsters do this to clean themselves so that they are not dirty. As long as you wash your hands after playing with your hamster, you and your hamster will stay clean and healthy.

    • He Bit Me! Take Him Back!

Your hamster is a prey animal, and therefore is very skittish. When you first approach your hamster, they will most likely think of you as a predator or a threat. Even if you are very gentle with your hamster, you could get a couple of nips. If you want to get a hamster you have to ask yourself is you are willing to go through some hardships in order to create a bond with your animal. Taking your hamster back and switching it for a new one does not mean that your new hamster will be perfect. Put enough time and effort into taking care of your hamster and it will warm up to you eventually.

Pikatchu Photo Shoot

Pikatchu is my Winter White Hybrid Dwarf Hamster. She is a girl, and is currently 6 months old. Pikatchu’s birthday is April 2nd, and was ‘saved’ from PetSmart, as a 5 year old girl with cedar bedding and a pink Crittertrail cage was going to take her! If you like this species of hamster, check out my DWARF HAMSTER PAGE. Her coloring is opal, and she is black eyed.

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